Student of Diganta are taught from Nursery, Class I to Class X by experienced teachers having graduate, BEd Degrees in addition to the CHSE syllabus, all students have to study English, Science & Mathematics as per CBSE pattern. This enables the students to achieve success in all competitive examinations and do well in higher classes.
Diganta School is recognized by Board of Secondary Education, Odisha.

Art & Craft:

Here, the students are taught Creative Crafts using paper and other waste material, Drawing & Painting to develop their creativity knowledge.

Music & Dance:

Here, the students are taught folk, light and classical music along with playing various musical instruments like the Sitar, Harmonium, and Drums etc. Children are taught to appreciate music and dance by a team of dedicated and talented teachers who have mastered the art of engaging students in melody and rhythm. The fundamentals of various dance forms are also taught to students, who have an inclination towards dancing, by qualified dance teachers.

Sports & Extracurricular activities:

Sports and games have major influence in the development of Children's Physical and Social ability. It also beneficial for them because they can learn the value of teamwork and build their confidence and belief in themselves. It teaches them to persevere, work hard and be the best of themselves.